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Launch a new brand identity

Launched Holding Company «Abdulaziz small», one of the largest Saudi Arabia specialized in investment, construction, building materials, real estate development, corporate sectors, new business identity in conjunction with forty years after the founding of the nucleus of investment activities, during a special ceremony attended by the company's board and a large number of economic and financial figures and local media.
The ceremony included a presentation of the stages of development of the logo and the evaluation process conducted by the company's old logo and identify the values ​​held by the brand name and its shareholders, partners, customers and employees association of the name and the most important elements of change.

Hisham al-Saghir, CEO and board member Abdulaziz small Holding Company: "The launch of the new logo is in line with the company's strategy to strengthen its position in the investment sector, and a reflection of the size of the achievements that have been made at all levels, both in terms of the diversity of investments or customer base and the number of products size , administrative structure. The launch of the new motto, and a clear indication of the great confidence in strengthening the company's position in the market and the start of a new phase of its business and investments, which spanned nearly 40 years ago. "
During the ceremony, highlighted Hisham Little, CEO and board member Abdulaziz small Holding Company, highlighted the company's investments, explaining that it - any company, prides itself as one of the local companies that have supported, and still is, the national economy for more than a quarter of a century, the company has contributed in the rehabilitation and development work in multiple sectors of the economy at the national level, through the establishment of or participation established strong and giant companies in several sectors have become milestones and luminous points in the local economy.

He stated that the holding company «Abdulaziz small», has direct investments and shares ownership in a number of companies operating in various sectors locally and internationally, such as the Arab dwelling investment and real estate development company, fingerprint Management Company Real Estate, Inc. Extra Electronics, Inc. Naess household kits, Inc. (Zonic ) to develop digital solutions. The company also invests in the sectors of construction and building materials through its investment arm in this area small Abdulaziz Commercial Investment Company, as well as the lines company electromechanical works, as well as cross-owned investment stake in Dubai Contracting Company Little Trading and Contracting Company. The company is also investing in the areas of telecommunications, finance, and has ownership stakes in the company (Mobily) as a partner founder, and banker Al Rayyan and peace in Qatar, Bahrain, and the Bank of Lebanon and the Diaspora to invest in Saudi Arabia, as well as possession of a number of portfolios and direct investments in real estate, petrochemicals, construction and insurance sectors.

He continued: "In the banking and financial sector, Abdulaziz small Holding Company participated as an investor or a company incorporated in the establishment of a number of banks, such as Al Rayan Bank in Qatar and the Bank of peace in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Bank of Bloom in the UK, the company is also a partner in the establishment of investment and financial companies such as Rana Investment Arcapita and the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf and Gulf Capital funds in the United Arab Emirates ".
Little noted that the company's interest is not limited to physical profits only, but went beyond that to contribute to the work of community development through social responsibility programs, where the company has to make extensive efforts in various initiatives such as feed Association and the Centre for Development and the Centre for knowledge, which in turn contribute to the support of the community and the granting of rights better opportunities for life and evolution.

Launch a new brand identity