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It'aam Saudi Food Bank


The company, along with its partners, pioneered a new concept charitable work through launching a feeding initiative (It'aam: Saudi Food Bank), Which is aimed at fighting hunger by distributing surplus food in a practical manner. This initiative aims at cultivating a culture of giving in order  to help thousands of poor who cannot make ends meet in terms of sustenance. The feeding  initiative is a sustained charitable project, and it is considered the first of its kind in the kingdom. It was founded on noble humanitarian foundation to serve the poor and the needy.

The  idea of this charitable initiative is based on contracting with restaurant, hotels, wedding halls and factories so as to collect their surplus food and then transporting it to the Initiative's big central kitchen where the food is hygienically packed and carried to the needy families. The details of such families are kept in a special database. The project works round-the-clock with the help from donors, beneficiaries and volunteering partners.

It'aam Saudi Food Bank